Unique Speed


Unique Speed is a Lifestyle Company specialising in Personal Mobile Device (PMDs). Our exciting range of products offer an opportunity which everyone can discover and experience a new way to move. Our aspiration, is to enhance your enjoyment of life with our services and products.

Personal Mobility Device has been taking over the world by storm. Be it the leisure stroll in the park, or commuting to and from work, let us discover the infinite possibilities with you.

We carry a range of PMD products, from Hoverboards, Sensor Controlled Vehicles to Self-Balancing Unicycles. To find out what moves you, we are inviting you to have fun with us!

In line with Singapore Road Safety Council (SRSC) and the Land Transport Authority (LTA), Unique Speed aims to:

a. create awareness of safe riding skills and behaviours

b. Enhance understanding of riding-related infrastructure

c. Educate participants on the rules and code of conduct in Singapore for cycling and PMD usage