Active Mobility Act takes effect: 8 non-compliant devices confiscated in first enforcement blitz

He bought a 28kg e-scooter for about S$2,000 more than a year ago, and used it to ride from his home to the workplace and do food deliveries. After accessories like battery packs and lights were added, the mobility device weighed 37.5kg – nearly double the maximum weight allowed under new laws that kicked in this month. On Wednesday (May…

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Road Safety Tips for Cyclists – Cycling in Singapore

Cycling has become more prevalent in Singapore as a form of recreation or even as a form of transportation from point to point. However, cyclists should recognise their own vulnerability and to adopt safe cycling behaviour and habits. Road safety is a shared responsibility. All cyclists should always abide by road traffic rules at all times. The following are some of the safe cycling behaviours…

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Is Personal Mobility Device eco-friendly?

These few years, Personal Mobility Device (P.M.Ds) like e-scooters, unicycles and hoverboards are become increasingly common on the streets of Singapore. They look set to be the new trend in commuting. Besides the convenience and affordability (compared to years ago, their prices have dropped to the acceptable range) of these P.M.Ds, a lot of sellers are touting these as environmentally…

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